Forex Directional Positioning

The global foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world with more than $3.2 Trillion - turnover a day. It’s a 24Hrs * 5 Days market. An over the counter market, highly volatile and operates purely on Supply and Demand. These characteristics make the currency market, the highly liquid market where manipulation is impossible. Technical analysis serves as a barometer to this market. The forward market having validity of 12 months allows one to hold positions till such time. Short trading positions provide an opportunity to get benefited from a falling market also. This makes the Forex Market a Winning Trader’s Market.

The Corporate Treasury is a source of profit generation. This trend line is catching up with most of the Corporates. The highly volatile currency can be a bottleneck in achieving the business targets. The budgeting and profit margins may go awry unless it is combated with alternative skill set. The currency market offers a huge potential to generate revenue from it. Corporates, based on their risk appetite, can take Directional Positions in currencies backed by their Import & Export exposures.

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